Road Department

Venango Township Road Department

The Venango Township Road Department is not serviced on a full time basis but has part time employees who work on an as needed basis.  Roadmaster Donald Merritt and the other road workers are responsible for public safety and road maintenance for both residents and visitors to the Township.hecker-road

Contact the Township Road Department for any emergency or to report an issue or a complaint.

The Venango Township Road Department can be contacted at 814-398-8489.

Snow Plowing Tips during Winter Months

Snow plowing is not permitted onto the roadways from private driveways.  A document showing snow plow tips and regulations can be found here.

Driveway pipe replacement

Driveway pipe replacement information is available by calling 814-398-8489 or emailing

Special road related permit applications

Road Occupancy Permits such as for Utility Companies or Contractors who need access in or along the road right of way.

Road Bonding Permits such as for Loggers and Heavy Haulers.

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