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How do I apply for a Township job?

Venango Township applications for employment are available under documents or by contacting the Township Secretary at 814-398-8489 or by email at  We currently do not have any openings as this time but you can submit a job application for any department and we will keep them on file for 6 months in case we … Continued

How do I dispose of paints and chemicals?

Contact the Crawford County Solid Waste Authority for additional information as they have special collection days for hazardous waste.  For any questions contact the Township Office at 814-398-8489 or by calling the Crawford County Solid Waste Authority at 814-333-7366 or at

How do I obtain a building permit?

Contact Building Permit Officer at 814-398-8489 or You can also look under documents on the website for the permit application and sheets listing the details of what is to be submitted under Permits both on the Residents and Businesses pages of the website.  

Where can I find a list of upcoming concerts and cultural events?

Search News and Events on our website. You can also visit these additional websites for activities in the Meadville, Cambridge Springs and Edinboro area. City of Meadville Crawford County Visitors Bureau Meadville and Western PA Chamber of Commerce Cambridge Springs Borough  Edinboro Borough Edinboro College

How do I report an electric outage?

Venango Township is covered by Northwestern Rural Electric Company commonly referred to as Northwestern REC. Please have your account number, telephone number and the pole number that can be found on a tag on the front of each pole if possible. Contact Northwestern Rural Electric Company (REC) at 22534 State Highway Route 86, Cambridge Springs, … Continued

What is the Stormwater Ordinance?

Venango Township adopted a Stormwater Ordinance that contains requirements and restrictions for stormwater maintenance on individual properties when constructing any type of building, driveway and parking areas as well as future development.  If you need additional information please contact the Township Secretary at 814-398-8489 or by email at

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