FAQ Topic: Sanitation

What can I do with grass clippings, sticks or tree limb debris?

We currently do not have anywhere that is available for residents to get rid of tree debris, grass clippings or items of this nature. You can try contacting Powell Sanitation at 814-333-3191 or Meadville Redi Mix at 814-724-1600 as they may accept these items or know of somewhere else that may. Please do not haul … Continued

What items can be recycled?

Recycling bins are available at the Firemans Carnival Grounds in Cambridge Springs for items including newspapers, standard office paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and standard metals cans, glass bottles and certain plastics.  These bins are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the Crawford County Solid Waste Authority at no cost to all … Continued

How do I sign up for garbage service?

Venango Township residents interested in garbage service are able to contract with any hauler of their choosing.  Venango Township does not provide or mandate garbage service for its residents nor do we recommend a specific company but we do provide contact information for local haulers.  Some offer trash only container service while others offer seperate … Continued

How do I dispose of paints and chemicals?

Contact the Crawford County Solid Waste Authority for additional information as they have special collection days for hazardous waste.  For any questions contact the Township Office at 814-398-8489 or by calling the Crawford County Solid Waste Authority at 814-333-7366 or at www.countyrecycling.com.

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