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JANUARY 2, 2024

  1. Roll Call – Bill_________ Don________ Mark _________
  2. Appointment of Temporary Chairman

lll.        Appointment of Temporary Secretary

  1. Reading of Minutes – Additions/Corrections
  2. Reading of Building/Septic Reports
  3. Planning Commission Reports

VII.       Treasurer’s Reports

VIII.     Appointment of Chairman – Currently Bill Sutter

  1. Appointment of Vice Chairman – currently Mark Stafford
  2. Appointment of Roadmaster – Currently Don Merritt
  3. Appointment of Secretary/Treasurer – currently Elizabeth Waterhouse
  4. Approve Hourly Rate – currently $17.50 per hour
  5. Approve Current Bond – $650,000.00

XII.       Appoint Solicitor – currently Joe Ferguson of Cressman, Erde & Ferguson

XIII       Appointment of Engineer – currently EADS Group and Mark Corey of Mark Corey & Associates

XIV.      Appointment of Sewage Enforcement Officer – currently Peter Homchenko

XV        Appointment of Sewage Application Officer – currently Elizabeth Waterhouse

XVI.      Appointment of Building Code Enforcement Officer and Building Code Official-currently John Prosek

XVII.     Appointment of Building Application and Permit Officer – currently Elizabeth Waterhouse

XVIII.    Appointment of Wage Tax Collector – currently Berkheimer

XIX.      Authorize Real Estate Tax Collection Discount/Penalty rate- 5% Discount, 10% Penalty currently

  1. Authorize Real Estate and Per Capita Tax Collector Compensation-currently 8% of all collected taxes

XXI.      Appointment of Deputy Tax Collector – Currently Bonnie Flynn

XXII.     Appointment of Vacancy Board Chairman – currently Michael Noble

XXIII.    Appointment of Code Appeals Board

  1. No Vacancies

XXIV.    Appointment of Emergency Management Officer – currently Ralph Eakin

XXV.     Appointment of Township Planning Commission Members

XXVI.    Appointment of Crawford County Tax Collection Committee – currently Jill Dunlap with Don Merritt and Elizabeth Waterhouse as alternates.

XXVII.   Appointment of PSATS State Conference Delegate and Authorize _______________________ to attend with __________________ as Voting Delegate to be reimbursed for registration and mileage expenses

XXVIII.  Appointment of Financial Depositories – currently Northwest Savings Bank and PLGIT Trust

XXIX.    Authorize Mileage Reimbursement Rate to be in compliance with IRS standard rate of .67, effective 01/01/2024

XXX.     Recommend the Auditors Approve Hourly Rates for Roadmaster and Working Supervisors

  1. Roadmaster & Assistant Roadmaster – currently $18.00 per hour
  2. Working Supervisors – currently $17.00 per hour

XXXI     Approve Hourly Rates for Township Road Emp[oyees

  1. Part Time Employee – currently $15.00 per hour
  2. Temporary Employee – currently $15.00 per hour

XXXII    Approve Hourly Rate for Temporary/Fill in Secretary__________________

XXXIII.  Authorize Hourly Equipment Rates

  1. Dozer – Currently $75.00
  2. Loader – Currently $65.00
  3. Backhoe – Currently $70.00
  4. Single Axle – Currently $45.00
  5. Tandem – Currently $55.00
  6. Tri-Axle – Currently $65.00
  7. Excavator – Currently $100.00

XXXIV.  Authorize Advertisement of Meeting for Supervisors and Planning Commission

  1. Meeting Dates for Supervisors – First Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. with the exception in November because of elections, that meeting will be on the first Wednesday. Yearend meeting on December 27, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the Township Building, if needed.
  2. Meeting Pay for Supervisors – $100 per month to all current Supervisors
  3. Meeting Dates for Planning Commission – first Tuesday of every month, following the Supervisors meeting, also with the exception in November which will be the first Wednesday at approximately 7:00 p.m.

XXXV.   Authorize Clean-up Day to be held on the last Saturday of April and have Secretary get quotes

XXXVI.  Public Comments

XXXVII  Correspondence

XXXVIII.Adjournament         Motion: _____________1ST_______________2ND       All ___________


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